Rendezvous 2016

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Rendezvous 2016 is at capacity, Registrations end tonight (Wednesday May 18th) at 8:00pm EST.


Area 5 Rendezvous 
May 20-22, 2016

If you haven’t heard, every year Area 5 hosts an annual Rendezvous and you and your friends are invited to attend. This year the theme is Mythology where you can explore Roman, Greek, Norse, Egyptian, and Native American Cultures. We are creating a once in a lifetime experience for you and your friends to enjoy.  

So save the date, May 20th to 22nd 2016, at Camp Acahela. 

Anyone who registers by April 30th will get the early bird (reduced fee) special of $40 per person. From May 1st  to May 14th, the regular fee for the event of $45 dollars will be charged. On May 15th through May 20th the fee is $50 per person. So you want to register ASAP to take advantage of the early bird special.  

You can register online at our host council’s website:

The fee covers the costs for event insurance, camp rental from the host council, food, a Rendezvous patch, supplies for the events and administration costs (supplies, port-a-potties, etc.).  

Important Documents:

2016 Leaders Guide (updated 3.25.2016)

2016 Rendezvous FAQ (Coming Soon)

2016 Rendezvous Full-Color Flyer (Great for email blasts and electronic formats)

2016 Rendezvous Printer Friendly Flyer (Less color, prints well in black and white)

2016 Rendezvous Half-Page Flyer (Two flyers, one page. Great for printing large quantities)


Some of the Sessions

We have SEVERAL events lined up for your enjoyment and fun! Below is a list of the current events to be held at the Rendezvous. Please email us with any questions about the events. Please note: Events are subject to change at the discretion of the Area 5 team. We may add/remove/change events as needed.
Scavenger Hunt for Ra's Missing Pieces
Ra has been torn apart and needs to be put right before sun down. Do you and your team have what it takes to complete this Geo-cashing adventure in time? Come show us your skills and help save the sun god!
Papyrus and Hieroglyphs
Learn the ancient way of making paper in this class, as well as the history of paper and the different ways it is used. Then learn the about ancient language of the Egyptians. Learn how to read and write using this complex system as well as the history of how we can now understand and translate the ancient language.
Clay Pottery
Before there was metal casting, glass blowing or plastic there was clay. Make carrying vessels just like they used to in the Egyptian culture, or put a modern twist on an age old tradition. Just about anything can be made with this versatile material. What will you craft?
The Making of Mummies
Thanks to the modern day technologies, we can observe the steps in mummification and see what each step looks like during this session. You will also learn the science of making a mummy used by the ancient Egyptians, and make your own replica to take home.
Senet and Snakes
The most popular of the ancient Egypt board games was a game called Senet. One of the oldest known Senet board representations ever found was a painting from 2,686 B.C. in the tomb of Hesy-Ra. The object of the game was to be the first player to pass into the afterlife unscathed by bad fortunes along the way. Make your own game and learn how to use it.
Making Bacon
Making Bacon. Learn the process of artificial insemination - with the help of pigs. Thanks to modern technology, it is possible for us to see the growth of a pig within the first few days after insemination.
Glass Arrow Heads
Knapping glass to make arrow heads
Thor's Hammer
Thor is nothing without his hammer. Make a replica to take home… if you’re worthy.
Viking Chess
A traditional Viking game that is surprisingly not very similar to chess. Throw wooden dowel-like things to knock down the other teams’ pieces, leaving the king for last. If you knock the king over before the rest of the pieces, you’ll lose. Assemble a team and challenge another to a game!
The end of the world has come. You can stop this destruction by retrieving the flag. There are many obstacles in your path to saving all of creation. Will you work as a team or weather out the storm solo? Remember the outcome not only affects you but all life as we know it.
Another traditional Viking game, Tokahonk, is like a sitting tug of war. Challenge your friends to a familiar game with an interesting twist.
Boat Races
A challenge has been issued; the Romans shall race the Greeks on… paddle boards? By using watercraft not familiar to either side, no one will have an advantage over the other. Help settle this age old rivalry by manning these vessels and racing them through our great body of water.
Ambrosia and Nectar Making
Make the food and drink of the gods to share during our celebratory feast after the Olympics. They taste out of this world!
Wax Tablet
A Roman invention that’s sort of like a chalk board. When you write in the soft wax, it will harden in that shape. To erase, simply warm the wax back up and start over. Make one for yourself and learn how to use it!
Coin Making
Make and take home your very own coin! Participants will be learn the process of coin making, and get to make their very own ancient inspired coin from scratch. 
Knife Throwing
See how well your skills as a god shine through by learning how to throw lighting like the great god Zeus. 
Want to put a brand on something to show off your scouting pride? This is the place to do it!
Watch a blacksmithing demonstration from a very skilled smith who will go into the details about what and why he is doing certain things.
Native American:
Saga is a traditional Native American game best described as “Red rover meets football”. Do you have what it takes to come out on top?
Smoke Signals
Learn how to make and read smoke signals - the age old way of texting. You will actually be making smoke signals yourself! Who can communicate the most interesting message?
Make a Dream Catcher
Learn the myths behind dream catchers and how they work while you make your very own to take home. You can make them using a traditional design, or add some features that you enjoy. 
Action Archery
Test your skills and shot by taking aim at our action targets. What targets shall you face? Where will they come from, which gods have summoned their minions? Take aim, and show your skills in this challenging course designed to put your abilities to the test.
Learn the Look
Painting oneself before battle is a common practice for many cultures. It is even used today during active combat and hunting. In this session learn how a few cultures would ready themselves before battle, or if you prefer, learn the traditional make-up used in the Egyptian or Greek cultures.
Bread Making
Learn how to make bread from each of the five cultures to share during our celebratory feast after the Olympics. Fry bread from Native American, Psomi from Greek, flat bread from Egyptian and brown bread from the Norse. All are delicious and brings home the culture of the people it derives from. 
Fire History
Every culture has their own version of how fire came to be. In this session you will learn a few of the myths and see how great the differences are between what the cultures believe. You will also learn the science behind coloring fire and how it is done.
Learn how to throw down with the best of them. A dance from each culture will be taught to show how each culture has their own way of celebrating.
Tomahawk Throwing
Learn how to correctly throw tomahawks and improve your skills. 
Hell Hound Pit
Each culture has their own version of the creature that guards the entrance to the underworld. Here, however, you will play with puppies that are in training to become service dogs. Learn what they go through, and what the trainers do so that the pups become service dogs.
Jewelry Making
Jewelry making. Make traditional pieces of jewelry from each culture; such as broaches and bracelets. Show off your pride by displaying your handiwork.
Semi-Automatic Pistol
The Doctor’s thought that this was the 2014 Rendezvous, and brought with him the modern semi-automatic Pistol. 
Membership Increasing Strategy Training
Learn strategies to improve membership in your crews and council. Declining membership is one of the largest problems in the Venturing community. The goal of this workshop is to help all involved to increase our numbers.
Talking with Demi Gods
An ethical discussion where you will talk about different scenarios. Participants will talk about how many actions you make during your life, even daily life, are actually ethical in many ways. Participants will also go over how what you might deem ethical might not be the same that everyone else thinks are ethical. This satisfies parts of the new advancement system.
Totin Chip/Fire'm Chit
These achievements are in place to teach fire and knife safety. Many believe they are only for the males of the scouting variety; however, they are available for females as well. Come on over and get certified!
Camp wide Olympics
The traditional Olympic games but with a venturing twist. This is an all-play event. Find out more at the Rendezvous!