Rendezvous Events 2015

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List of Events at the 2015 Rendezvous


We have SEVERAL events lined up for your enjoyment and fun! Below is a list of the current events to be held at the Rendezvous. Please email us with any questions about the events. Please note: Events are subject to change at the discretion of the Area 5 team. We may add/remove/change events as needed.


Fencing With Candy Canes – Learn the basics of fencing, all of the finesse and footwork that was commonplace not long ago! Real equipment will be used, so be ready for a real fun time!

Respect in the Wonka World – See how respect for others in the movie can translate into our world and learn from the characters from the movie. This is an ethical discussion and is a part of the new advancement system.

Talk with Oompa Lumpas – An ethical discussion where you will go talk about different scenarios. Participants will talk about how many actions you make during your life, even daily life, are actually ethical in many ways. Participants will also go over how what you might deem ethical might not be the same that everyone else thinks is ethical. This may satisfy parts of the new advancement system.

American Sign Language – Learn and go over the basics of sign language. Participants will also talk about the daily life of those who use sign language as a primary form of communication. 

Puppy room- Play with puppies that are in training to become service dogs. Learn what they go through, and what the trainers do so that the pups become service dogs.

Climbing Candy Mountain- Climb a natural rock face called Wally World for the great times you are going to have there!

Glass Elevator Photo Shoot- Get your photo taken, by yourself or in a group, with a replica of the glass elevator that Willy Wonka and Charlie rode in from the movies.

Contest Room- Participate in a series of contest that include: Belching the loudest, blowing the biggest gum bubble, lollipop darts, and much more. Prizes will be given out at the Saturday night campfire.

Cake Making Demo- Learn how to make a variety cake with Oompa-Lumpas from the dark side of the factory.

Gaga Ball- A game that combines the skills of dodging, striking, running and jumping, all within seconds. Think you’re up to the Challenge? 

Service Projects- Do some good for this world by helping the scouting community with service projects that are all around the camp.

Radio Broadcasting- Learn the skills the DJ needs to do his job, and produce your own half hour show to broadcast your rad music all over camp on WNA5.  

Boat Ride:  Come enjoy a scary boat ride in the depths of the Acahela, just make sure that you don’t let any unwanted guests in your boat! You will taking a boat ride through the pond with many obstacles along the way, let’s hope you make it out in one piece.

Find the Golden Egg: Who loves Geo caching? I know I do. Well, whoever loves geo caching and loves acahela will absolutely love our geo caching course and let’s see if you can be the lucky venturer to  find the golden egg.

Teach a Dance:  Are you ready to get in touch with your creative side. Learn Basic techniques from professional dancer who knows a number of different styles of dancing from ballet, jazz, modern, and African/Afro-Caribbean dance. By the end of the session you will be dancing all around camp.

Mini Golf:  All the fun in mini golf and the joys of camping, Come out to Camp Acahela and play a hole or nine! See if you can get a hole in one! Come see our Legacy Project in action! Maybe you can become the king or queen of mini golf.

Sumo Suit Wrestling: Have you ever seen on TV Sumo Suit Wrestling and thought “Hey I really want to do that?” Well at the Rendezvous you will have a chance to safely wrestle your friends in Sumo Suits!

Riddles:     Oompa Loompa Ompidy day solve our riddles as fast as you may. If you love figuring out riddles, this is the session to be at this rendezvous! Listen to riddle after riddle and see if you are smarter than the Riddle Master!

Inventing Room: Looking back throughout time we have seen some great inventions by great people,  like Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin to Elon Musk who invented Tesla Electric Cars and Father Jozef Murgas who invented the Radio and Nikola Tesla who discovered Alternating Currant. Are you inspired? Well you will be at this year’s Inventing Room where you will come up with great inventions and see some of the histories inventions and learn about them.

Make a Venturing Promo: How much do you love Venturing? Why don’t you come down to this session and make it known? It will be put on the Area 5 Social Media Pages for everyone to see!  You can ask questions about equipment, filming and even editing from the session consultant.

Chocolate Molds- Learn the process of making a chocolate mold. Then using colored chocolates and milk chocolate make your very own edible golden ticket.

Dessert Making- Discover the newest food trend of cake balls (chopped up cake mixed with icing, dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles or candy). Find out what makes a food trend and how to make these delectable treats healthy.

Make a top hat- Look like Willow Wonka by making your very own top hat! Construct your hat while listening to the history of the classic top hat.

Candy Making- Learn how to make candy worthy of the candy master herself! Learn the process of making and handling candy by making your very own lollipops.

Chemistry Session- Chemical reactions you can drink! Learn the chemistry behind the making of soda, carbonation, sugar solutions and the science of flavors on our tongue

How to use a 3d printer- Learn the technology and how to use a 3d printer by printing out the 2015 Rendezvous logo.

Taffy Making- Want to learn how to make a candy, but want to work out at the same time? This is the session for you, learn how to make and pull a home-style taffy.

Balloon Making- Learn how to make balloon animals and other balloon shapes. Think you have what it takes to be a balloon master? Make a new design and win a prize!