Vice President of Program

Annie Shevlin   

Hi everyone!  My Name is Annie Shevlin. I'm the Vice president of Program for 2015-2016. I am  a senior at Freehold Boro High School. In September I will be starting my schooling at the Culinary Institure of America. I am from Monmouth Council in New Jersey. As well as being Area Vice president of Communications for the 2014-2015 term , I have also served as Vice President of my council's VOA from 2013-2015. Currently I am a member of both crews 10 and 56. The summer of 2014 I went down to Philmont, New Mexico, and participated on one of their backpacking trails. As well as going to Philmont I haveworked at my councils Cub Scout Camp, Quail Hill.  




Outside of Scouting I am the Community Service Officer of my schools branch of Skills USA. Our branch is a culinary based branch. The reason for this is because I am part of the Five Star Culinary Academy. The Academy has been not only featured in National Geographic, but has also hosted international patrons. This program has helped prepare me for all challenges I will face in my future inside and outside the work area.

For my term I hope to improve program for the Venturing Northeast Region Area 5.