Vice President of Communications

Katie Rozek   

Hi everyone! My name is Katie Rozek, and I’m incredibly honored and excited to be serving the Area as the VP of Communications for the 2015-2016 term! I joined Venturing in 2013, and I am a founding member of Venturing Crew 276 in Patriot’s Path Council (PPC). I was the founding President and I am currently the VP of Administration. I have also served as the VP of Venturing on my council’s Youth Executive Committee, which I was selected for in 2014.  I most recently served as Venturing President in Patriots’ Path Council.


I have earned the Venturing Sports, Religious Life, Outdoor, and Arts & Hobbies Bronze Awards, Venturing Gold Award, and Venturing Silver Award.  Additionally, I have earned the Jimmy Stewart Good Citizen Award and PPC’s Gold SERV awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. 

Through Venturing, I have also completed many training courses including Powder Horn, ILSC, NYLT, Trainers EDGE, First Aid, CPR and more. I have been a Girl Scout since the Daisy level, and I have earned the three highest awards in Girl Scouts, the Bronze Award, Silver Award, and Gold Award. 


I am homeschooled and have just completed my junior year. Outside of Scouting, I am a volunteer for the court system serving as a member of the Sussex County Juvenile Conference Committee, I am the President of my 4-H club, I ride at a local barn, and I am heavily involved in music. I play nine different instruments at church, local theater productions, local youth symphonies, a homeschool fine arts program, a county college, and wherever else I am given the opportunity to play.
The Venturing program has had such a huge impact on my life, and it is a great program that I would like to see grow and affect more youth in a positive way. I would like to give back to this program that has given me so much, and assist the Scouts within the program along the way.  As the Area VP of Communications, I will do my best to help expand the Venturing program, help it become more successful and help it become an even more exciting, fun, and valuable experience for youth to learn, grow, and enjoy.