An interview with Joe Theismann, Washington Redskins Quarterback.
1. What advice would you give to a teenager? 
“Study in school, be careful of the situations you find yourself in, be smart, and enjoy life. That’s what I told my teenagers.” 
2. What’s the greatest lesson you’ve ever learned? 
“It’s interesting you say that because I believe don’t let anyone ever anyone tell you can’t do something. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you can and cannot do in your life. That’s the greatest lesson any of us can learn. It’s the greatest lesson I’ve learned and it’s something I try to share.”
3. I know you’re a guy who has been traveling for most of your adult life, so you must have had a plethora of interesting conversations while traveling. What’s the most interesting conversation you’ve had while on a plane? 
 “I was on an airplane with an astrophysicist and I was learning about galaxies and the stars and after I got off the plane I had absolutely no idea what the person was talking about but she was extremely impressive, and I just walked off going ‘I am really not a smart person’” 
4. What’s your favorite experience as a scout? 
“I remember using two sticks to make fire. That was really cool. I also remember my first camping trip. The tree frogs were so loud I couldn’t get any sleep the whole night.”
5. What’s your favorite joke?
“This isn’t so much a favorite joke but a funny story about how fear could motivate us. I was at a hotel, late at night, and I asked the lady at the front desk where a good place to eat was. She said there was a restaurant across the street. What she neglected to tell me was that I would have to walk through a cemetery to get there. I was walking through this commentary until suddenly I fell into a grave. I tried to climb and climb and climb my way out, but I couldn’t do it. Then, the analytic brain of a quarterback kicked in, and it dawned on me that it was 4:00am, pitch black, and if I started screaming for help, who in their right mind would come and get me? Because of this I thought it best to wait until the morning. After twenty minutes of waiting, another man fell down the grave. He didn’t see me. He tried to climb and climb and climb his way out but he wasn’t able to. Then he said out loud, ‘I can’t believe I got stuck down here”. In response I said, ‘neither can I’. Within two seconds flat he was out of that grave and sprinting for his life.”
An interview with Donnie Stephens, National Order of the Arrow Vice Chief (Former NE Region Venturing VP and NEPA Council two time VOA President)
Tell us about your favorite memory as a kid.

My favorite memory as a kid is actually the moment when I first found out about Scouting. My family was out to breakfast, and hanging up in this local, family owned restaurant was a flyer to join Cub Scouts with Pack 232 in Dallas, Pennsylvania. I must have been 5 years old. I wish I still had that flyer!
What is your major in college? Why did you choose this major, and what career path are you planning to go in to?
I attend the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA, where I am majoring in Economics. There are a number of options I'm considering right now, but either a career path in the financial sector or in public service would be great for me. 
If you had a time machine and could have dinner with anyone who ever existed, who would it be and why?
I'd have dinner with 4th president James Madison, without a doubt. He basically wrote the US Constitution. How cool is that?!
If you had the opportunity to be anyone in the world for one week, who would it be and why?
I'd be German Chancellor Angela Merkel. She's the head of Europe's largest economy and one tough cookie. In her role, she can do a lot of good for Europe and the rest of the world. That'd be a fun job to have for a week!
What's your favorite joke?   
"What's a pirate with no ship? Just a creative homeless guy!"
-The one, the only, Bo Burnham


An interview with Edward Abraham, National Venturing President 
I am starting a new bi-weekly column to help get to know interesting people who are very involved in the Venturing program.  I thought it would be a good idea to kick it off with Edward as our first interviewee.  - Josh.
JS -- Tell us about your favorite memory as a kid.
EA - "Sailing for the First time at summer camp was by far my favorite memory as a kid. It was probably the best scouting memory I’ve had too." 

JS  -- What is your major in college? Why did you choose this major, and what career path are you planning to go in to?
EA  -"I study Business Management at San Jose State University. I love working together with groups of people from all over. I figured with my scouting background, business was the right path. I hope to work management for the airlines one day." 

JS  -- If you had a time machine and could have dinner with anyone who ever existed, who would it be and why?
EA  -"I would definitely want to go back and time and have dinner with Baden Powell. Who in the scouting world wouldn’t want to?"

JS -- If you had the opportunity to be anyone in the world for one week, who would it be and why?
EA  -"I would like to be George Clooney for a week. He’s honestly one of my favorite actors." 

JS -- What's your favorite joke?
EA  -"What’s blue and smells like red paint?        
        Blue paint!"    
An interview with Kris Zahrosky, Central region VOA Adviser
If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?
I have been to Japan before, and would definitely want to go back. (What a beautiful country!) But, I really would like to go to the UK and Thailand. 
What is your job outside from scouting?
Job outside of Scouting? What's that? :) Actually, I work in fire protection. I was a firefighter for a handful of years. Then, after some medical issues, I ended up in the private sector. I help customers make sure they are up-to-code with their fire protection.
If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
I am a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain (The travel host/writer from CNN and Travel Channel.) I can't even imagine the stories he would have! I would also put Penn Jillette on that list. Penn is one half of the magician duo, Penn and Teller. He is also incredibly well-spoken, and could probably tell me stories until the end of the century! (Plus both of them are from the Northeast Region!)
If you had the opportunity to be anyone in the world for one week, who would it be and why?
Honestly, Anthony Bourdain. He gets to travel, eat, and spend time with great people in amazing places. Sounds incredible!
What's your favorite joke?   
Oh this is a good one! See, there are so many memorable scenes from movies that come to mind. And when I think of a joke, I don't typically think of the standard one liner/question-and-answer style. I respond more like, "Remember that scene from National Lampoon's Vacation? Or Chris Farley doing that scene in Tommy Boy." I am a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, and many of the alumni that have passed through the show. So, I apologize, but I am not sure I can pinpoint just one joke. I would, however, encourage anyone to go and see some of the classic 80s and 90s comedy by any of the SNL cast. Some of those are priceless! (I.e., Ghostbusters, Fletch, Vacation Movies, Tommy Boy, Blues Brothers, and much more!)