The Council Standards of Venturing Excellence Award is presented by the BSA National Council to each council that completes the requirements during the calendar year. Each council should be evaluating their Venturing program to see if they are close to qualifying. To receive the award, the council must have a Venturing officers’ association, complete all 12 of the core requirements, and complete five of the nine electives for the award.

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Just back from the Northeast Region Venturing Conference, we had a fantastic time.  A big thanks to Alli Frownfelter and her Vice-Presidents for coordinating the weekend.  Our time was well spent getting to know the officers from the other Areas in the NER.  As a group, we discussed the new awards program; we discussed the peer to peer recruitment program and netiquette. 
We even had breakout session for program and budgeting, social media and communications, and discussing common issues within the venturing program. But the best thing we did was to have an appropriate amount of time to get to know each other.  I especially liked the fact that Carlos Santana, no not the rock star, but the Transatlantic Council VOA President and Lodge Chief, flew in from Germany to be at the conference.  It was my honor to welcome Carlos and the rest of the Transatlantic Council into Area five.

Hey everyone,

The Area 5 Venturing´╗┐ officers are about to depart for the Northeast Region Venturing´╗┐ conference.  I am sure we will learn a lot and have the opportunity to share experiences, best practices and alike with the National, Regional and all the Area officers and advisers.  

I have a few questions and ideas of my own to ask and share but what I really what to know is 

"What you you like me to ask?" and What do you want to share?"

Post your comments and questions on our facebook page and I'll make sure the right people hear your voice and listen to your questions!



The National Venturing President, Annaliese Parker, visiting the F702 campsite to meet with the Area 5 officers. We had a great time talking with her! 

If you went to the Jamboree I hope you had an amazing time! I know I did! If you couldn't make it down, I wish you could have come! So, maybe 2017 or 2015 at world jamboree in Japan. But, either way though, I hope you're all enjoying your experiences in Venturing!

Let me know what you and you crew do.  We want to tell the world about all the great things Venturer's do.  So send us pictures, videos and your stories so we show everyone what Venturing is all about!


Hey everyone,
It’s been a month now since I was selected as President for NER Area 5, and first off I’d like to thank you to those on the selection committee. I hope to provide service to Area 5 beyond any of their expectations.

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