I wanted to spend some time talking about the “Thrive in Five” Packet, developed by the 2012-2013 NER Area 5 VOA. This is a Five step program we created to help any council with venturing. We spent months listening and talking with venturing professionals, adult leaders, and youth about where they feel Venturing needs some assistance. As a result of these talks, we have pinpointed the five areas that produced the most discussion:

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Hi Everyone!

I would like to intorduce you to our newest NER Area 5 VOA member, Aaron Grier- VP of Program. 

Aaron comes with high recommendationsexperience and a passion for the scouting movement. I am very confident in Aaron's skills, and I look foward to spending the remainder of my term with him.

Welcome to the team Aaron!

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Hello Everyone!

Millions of people have been affected by the devastating Superstorm Sandy. Visit the link for more information on some ways you can help: www.scouting.org/AlertHurricane.aspx

As power is slowly getting back on in Area 5, I wanted to take the time to write this blog entry.  I hope that everyone is doing ok and is safe and warm. I know that some of you have had been through a lot in this past week, and I can only imagine how great that loss can be. I want to make sure that all of you know that you have a friend in Venturing. We are here to help each other, to grow and continue to practice our scouting values. Even in times of disaster.

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Hey Everyone,

So I'm packing for my weekend out in West Virginia for some Jamboree planning, and I thought that it would be a good idea to share some of my jambo information for you. 

I work in the administration department for the Extreme Sports division of the Jamboree, specifically I am an assistant to the Executive Director of Extreme Sports. I went down to the shakedown this summer to  help with the first run through, and it was so much fun! In the extreme sports department we host anything and everything that has to do with wheels. This includes a brand new skate park, which you can see on the most recent cover of Scouting Magazine. We are also home to miles and miles of BMX, mountain bike and mountain boarding trails, ranging from beginner to expert. We had quite the adventure on the administration team at the shakedown. We faced countless issues, including a massive rainstorm that whipped out most of the trails. Nonetheless, we are Boy Scouts....and we are prepared. It was a huge team effort..and a lot of hay bails to soak up the mud, but we pulled through and had a successful shakedown. 

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Hi Guys! So I have been getting a few questions about VOA structure and I’m thinking about making a video explaining it. You will probably see one up soon. Anyway, until I find the time to sit down and film it, I figured that I would give the world’s quickest explanation of Council-Area-Region-National VOA structure.

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