New Council VOA's

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Hello everyone,

I like to give a huge shout out to Monmouth County Council and Bucks County Council, for their amazing dedication to starting up their council VOA’s! Both councils didn’t have VOA’s at the start of my term earlier in June, and now both are well on their way to having excellent VOA’s. I’d also like to tell you more about how they got started so that other councils without VOA’s can follow their great examples.

Monmouth County Council sent Mr. Ed Millington to observe another councils VOA so he could learn more about a VOA, like how it runs, how it can help local crews and even a few things not to do. Mr. Millington asked questions, he watched the youth run the VOA, wrote down important information and even got the contact information of the VOA officers and their advisors so he could later contact them. 

Monmouth Venturers recently installed VOA is fired up and organizing fun and exciting events for all Crew members in 2014.  Please join us in welcoming them and supporting their efforts.
President - Ted Apostle
Vice President-Administration - Ben Cacciola
Vice President-Program - Hope Cahill
Recently, I was asked to visit Bucks County Council and talk about VOA’s. They already had a number of Venturer’s in their council and wanted to form a VOA.  During the meet and greet,  I and a few fellow Scouters spoke about how to start and run a VOA and also about how an Area can help a council with things like promoting events, increasing membership or even how it can help councils communicate with each other. 
These two methods of learning how to start a council VOA are not the only ways but they are two good examples of how it can be done. Again, I’d like to thank both Monmouth County Council and Bucks County Council for their dedication starting their VOA’s!
Tyler Sepcoski
NER Area 5 Venturing President