NERVE - Conference 2013

Just back from the Northeast Region Venturing Conference, we had a fantastic time.  A big thanks to Alli Frownfelter and her Vice-Presidents for coordinating the weekend.  Our time was well spent getting to know the officers from the other Areas in the NER.  As a group, we discussed the new awards program; we discussed the peer to peer recruitment program and netiquette. 
We even had breakout session for program and budgeting, social media and communications, and discussing common issues within the venturing program. But the best thing we did was to have an appropriate amount of time to get to know each other.  I especially liked the fact that Carlos Santana, no not the rock star, but the Transatlantic Council VOA President and Lodge Chief, flew in from Germany to be at the conference.  It was my honor to welcome Carlos and the rest of the Transatlantic Council into Area five.
We all have at least one social media account on facebook, twitter, tumblr, pintrist, and linkin.  What we post says a lot about who we are.  One of the questions I hear that is becoming more popular not only on Eagle boards but for every rank in Boy Scouting and all awards in Venturing is “Do you have any social media accounts?” when you answer “Yes” the follow-up question is “IS there anything on there that is not Scout like?”  Each and every one of us represents Scouting in some way.  If we claim to be members of the Boy Scouts of America, we need post, pin, tweet, and email that way.